Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I Wore Sunday #2

What I Wore Sunday linkup
Today is Gaudete Sunday and in honor of that I wanted to try to find something pink to wear to Mass. Let's see how I did...
Finding an outfit that is breastfeeding friendly in my closet is sometimes a challenge. I only have so many pink items of clothing so I started out with this button up shirt that was actually my mom's shirt! I paired that with brown slacks and because I thought I would be chilly I put on a brown sweater. It worked well for nursing during mass. I also have these awesome silver shoes with big pink flowers on them that were perfect to go with my outfit.

I didn't feel like I had enough pink on so I wore my pink jacket and finished off the outer wear with a ruffle scarf (I make some scarves just like this one).  Not my favorite outfit but I think it worked for what I was going for and I felt festive in my pink!

Scarf: Gift from France
Necklace: Bridesmaid gift from a friend
Shirt: Vintage from Mom
Sweater: NY and Co
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Clarks

Finally, I just today read about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school and was so sad to think about all of those little ones, not much older than some of my nieces and nephews and my own children. I think today, on the Sunday meant to give us hope, I have hope and am glad that this world is not all that is meant for us in life.


Elisabeth said...


Leah Darrow said...

Too cute Julia! Lovin' that scarf - creates a whole new look. As for the pink, well, you know I'm a fan.

Deme @ Fresh Coat Of Paint said...

totally worked and adding that awesome pink jacket and scarf was a great touch!

Erin said...

Your outfit is great! I especially love the ruffled scarf. Heading over to look at your etsy store now.

Catholic Cookie Jar said...

That pink coat is way too cute!!

Emily said...

I love your scarf! Way to be liturgical :D
Thanks for joining us!

Lisa said...

Such a cute coat! Love the pink. Clarks are so comfy. :)

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