Monday, December 31, 2012

New Resolutions for the New Year 2013!

Oh blog world I have missed you! We are finally getting over the plague and holiday rush plus sleep training and I hope to be back to semi-regular posts. So much I want to blurt out to the world...that coming up this week. 

Every year I like to go over the resolutions from the year before and see how I did and then make some new ones. I like to look at them as not only resolutions but almost like a mini business and life plans.

To look back here are my past lists:
List from 2010
List from 2011
List from 2012

List from 2012:
Non-blog centered:  
  • Baby-proof the house now that mr. bee is starting to cruse around the house. (Ummm yeah we probably still have more to do now that squirrel is around.)
  • Work on cleaning and cooking regularly- setting up a meal plan and cleaning schedule. Also clean out stuff we do not need! Simplify! Well I am cleaning out but no meal planning yet. Cooking is happening more, cleaning....not yet.
  • Getting our budget set and look into CSA's for produce. Umm budget is ready to be set and I know what CSA to go with...does that count?
  • As always make family a first priority, spend more time with my husband and do things for him without asking and to take care of my son without feeling like anyone owes me. I would say DONE to this one....staying home from work helps.
  • Try to go to the gym at least once a week if not more. HA ok that never happened
Blog/business centered:
  • Continue to post new items on Etsy DONE
  • Sign up to do more craft shows and have my items in more local boutiques. DONE
  • Be better about time management when I get time to work at night. DONE
  • Work hard to have more back stock items. still working on this
  • Continue to post three times a week and maybe try to add a post that is more personal or links up to other blogs. DONE most of the time
  • Look into other blogs/shops to do giveaways with, either giving away my item or asking to giveaway theirs. DONE
  • Promote my blog and maybe start linking up with other blogs to promote my business. Looking into this but I have started linking up for personal stuff not for the business yet
  • Look into adds on my page to bring in a bit of income. I thought about this but have yet to take the plunge, any thoughts?
Once again why am I so driven with the business goals and not the personal ones?! There is always next year.

Image from here

So here is to a new year and new goals!

Non-blog centered:  
  • Test out some babysitters so the hubby and I can have regular date nights.
  • Work each day on cleaning and cooking. I have to always have this because I hate to cook. Cleaning I don't hate but it is harder to do when someone is always needing me.
  • FINALLY get the budget set and live by it. No more buying things because they sound cool or I would like to have them.
  • Clean out my clothes and work on my wardrobe (I want to still look and feel good about myself while staying at home, no lounging in pjs all day).
  • Enjoy life as a stay at home mom. Enjoy playing with my kiddos, sometimes I think too much about tasks that need to be done and how they are in my way instead of enjoying the time I get to spend with them while they love me.  
  • Try to get to the gym ONCE a month. Sad but that is the best I can do and we will see if I can do it.
  • Spend more time in personal prayer, reading a religious book or just taking 15min to talk to God. This should really be up at the top!
Blog/business centered:
  • Continue to post new items on Etsy
  • Be better about time management when I get time to work.
  • Start making all of the things I keep talking about making....DO IT.
  • Continue to post at least three times a week and work on my photography skills.
  • Promote my blog and maybe start linking up with other blogs to promote my business. Maybe doing a few "how did I" segments.
  • Look into adds on my page to bring in a bit of income.
  • Interact more with my peeps on Facebook.
  • Silly but make a map with all of the locations that I have sent my items too. I would love that as inspiration when I work.

I love having a place on the internet tonshare what I create and share small parts of myself with those who check it out. It gives me something to look forward to on hard days with the kiddos, someone to "talk to". Thank you for being there for me, even if it my just be my two good friends who check this out every once in a while.

May God Bless all of you in 2013.


Michelle said...

Happy New Year!!!

Elisabeth said...

Hi Julie!
Love your resolutions lists. :) Good job!
I am a regular reader! It makes me happy to feel connected to you amid baby craziness.

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