Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something for Noses and Tears

I had several orders early in the spring for personalized handkerchiefs. They are all a bit different but so classic and pretty at the same time.

The first order was for a woman's husband...I think it was for their wedding anniversary, cotton. What a great gift for that special man in your life.
This second order was also for a husband and this time it was the present that he got "from the baby" when they had their newest addition. Each person in their family gets a gift from the baby when they are born. How cool is that tradition?! So cool that mom and dad get gifts and not just the other kids in the family.
This final set was for family of this client. I love the idea of the soft grey on white. Doesn't stand out too much and looks very classic and clean.

These were a big hit for a while on Etsy not only for men but women as well. I can't wait create more and show you an order I did for grandparents. Cute idea. I might have to actually make a set for my husband, if I was sure that he would use them.

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