Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Photo Fabric

One of the awesome things I learned how to do in my textiles class in collage was how to print on fabric. I know that now something that everyone can do, but not everyone knows how to. I have printed images on fabric squares that were part of a wedding quilt I made, and it turned out great. I have also printed images, not pictures on fabric for different projects. This time my subject was dogs...

My Mother-in-law was making a quilt for my brother-in-law with all of his old dog's scarves that he would get from the groomer. She wanted to include a picture of the little pup and asked for my help. So we found a great picture of the cutie, who was blind and deaf when I met her and passed a way a few months later. I love this picture of Lucy in the leaves, she looks so cute and full of life. I have yet to see the finished quilt but I know that my bro loved it and just looked at it for a long time, said my mother-in-law.
This sweet image of a dog is for an Etsy client. She wanted me to make her a handkerchief that she could take with her while running races. She wanted to be able to pull it out of her pocket at the end of the race and wave it around as a remembrance of her beloved dog. She said it turned out beautifully and I hope that this little puppy helps her mom run faster in all of her races just being in her pocket.

Not having ever owned a pet I have no idea what it is like to want an image of a dog on something but I can certainly understand how some people especially those who do not have kids really love their dogs like part of their family. I am sure one day I will want to do something like this with and for my kids, but with pictures of them, not dogs.

I would be happy to create a printed image on fabric for you. You could use it for a quilt, to applique on a tee shirt, bag, or even to make a mouse pad out of the image. That is my new trial item, a printed image on a mouse pad. Stay tuned for how that turns out. :)

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