Monday, January 21, 2013

Neon Hearts

This set of leggings and onesie was made in the fall and I think that I love it!! First of all the hearts on the leggings were neon which is in style, and reminds me of being younger with my neon and black socks that went with my black spandex pants. Who didn't wear some shiny black spandex back in the 80's?

So this client wanted to put the name Zoey on the onesie instead of a letter and I think it turned out fine but man was it hard to sew those little letters to the onesie. I love the fabric that we went with for the name, an Amy Butler fabric, love her stuff. This name is close to my heart because my God daughters name is Zoe and I have several friends who have girls named Zoey.

I think this set would be perfect to wear for Valentine's will be here before you know it. I still have at least one set of leggings in my Etsy shop that has hearts on it if you are looking for a Valentine's present.

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