Friday, January 11, 2013

Quick Takes #4

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

1. It sounds like Jennifer is doing better and is now home but is having a lot of trouble breathing when exerting herself too much and she has just the beginning of a mountain of bills. Check out here if you would like to donate to her medical bill cause.

2.  I did it...I bit the bullet and cut all of my hair off. I have been wanting to do it for YEARS and decided since I am practically a recluse because of the two babies I would do it! If I hated it then oh well no one will see it and I can grow it out. If I like it then it would be a bonus. I like it!

Here is a picture after the haircut, styled by the hairdresser. Bangs mostly off my face but still there, I ended up pushing them all the way off of my face and liked it.  
Here we have it today after a wash and me trying a different style with bangs in the front. I liked them but I am still not sure about them. This might be the mode I will have to use to put headband in my hair. You can't tell here but my hair is THICK and grey and so that leaves poof and coarse hair to deal with and it doesn't always act like I want it to. Which do you like better? I like that I have at least two ways of styling it. The hubby doesn't want me to dye my hair so I thought this short hair would accentuate the grey instead of making me just look like a tired woman.

3. I have a love for online and store "sale" shopping. I love to buy things on sale and for a good price. I check zulily, pick your plum, and all of the Steal network sites every day. I usually talk myself into buying something because it is such a great deal! No more! I decided the first of this year that I need to really start spending less. I need to not impulse buy and if I really need something wait for a sale or buy it if it a necessary item. No more buying clothing that I don't need. Especially since (don't hate me) I fit into my regular clothes again. This is shocking because it took me 10 months to do this last time and then I got pregnant again. It is fun to go shopping in my closet again.

4. On that same vein I need to stop buying more fabric that I do not need for a project! I love to go to the fabric stores and just look around for pretty new items and I usally get suckered into buying at least one fabric. NO MORE I need to quit that for a few months until I use my stash of fabric. I am running out of places to put it in my craft area and until I get rid of some I can not bring more in. It helps that like I said I am not out shopping much but I still have an itch to look on line once in a while.

5. It is that time of year again. Tax time! Hate it. Not only do we need to get our personal finances in order but both my husband and I need to do our small business taxes. I am sort of glad that the Christmas rush is over and that my Etsy store is sort of at a halt so that I have time to actually get my taxes prepared. It is just something that I dread every year. Maybe this year it will be fun to compare with last years gains and losses but I doubt it.

6. Do you see this kid? I mean really this is what he looks like 90% of the day. That pacifier (meah meah as he calls it) in his mouth and his lovey in his hand. We had a rule only at nap and bedtime did he get it but then I became a stay at home mom and he could reach it in the crib (at work it was in a pack n play and he couldn't reach it) and pull it out while I wasn't looking. It was a battle I did not want to fight when I first came home from the hospital but now it is time. He is sick and doesn't use it a lot because he can not breath but when he is better I am going to lay down the law again! :) He already chewed through one and when this one is chewed through they will all be gone....I am sure he doesn't want that, and I am not ready for the screaming matches. :) Any thoughts?

7. Did you notice that I finally figured how to post pictures on here again? Blogger wasn't opening the upload from here page so I thought it was hopeless. Then I did what I do best and googled "attaching pictures in blogger" and found an answer! I just had to click on the scary HTML button while I compose and upload the picture there and then click back on the compose button and move it around. I know nothing about HTML so it is always so scary for me to see all of the <<>>  and colors as numbers. I don't know what to do with myself. This has been pretty easy though and I am glad to finally have some, not as boring, posts with pictures.


EHENDRY said...

I like your bangs to the side the best--but cute either way! Good for you for taking a risk! :)

Amy B said...

Short hair suits you!! I think if you wear your bangs straight down, it would look cute with a headband. Parted is nice, you might want to try a softer side-sweep though? It can be tricky to train your hair, especially if it is thick!

The way we handled the pacifier at bedtime only was we started by teaching him to say "bye-bye" to the pacifier when he got up from sleep. And then keep the door closed to his room. OR, have a special place - like a basket - for him to put it in when he gets up from sleep that is out of his reach. Josiah still tries to get access to it during the day, even though we have been doing this for a year. So be prepared for whining and tears sometimes. But I think if you are upbeat and routine about it, you have a good chance of succeeding. Just don't expect it to happen in a day. Good luck!!!

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