Monday, January 14, 2013

What I Wore #5

What I Wore Sunday linkup
So I am posting this on Monday because I felt SO badly yesterday that during nap time I just vegged with my husband and watched a movie. I did not even touch the big laptop all day, a first for me! Can you see my red nose? We were all coughing and wiping noses at mass (don't worry we sat in the back and covered our mouths).

Like I said last week I have two new skirts that I am excited to wear and Mass yesterday was debut for skirt number 1, blue pencil. I got this skirt a size too big so I can wear it with my present and future baby body but I think I could have gone a size smaller. It was on sale so I don't think there was a smaller size.  
Oh did I forget to mention that I got a hair chop?! Yes my hair is all gone and I like it! The husband isn't as thrilled with it but it will grow back and my next hair do will probably be really long since that is what I tend to do...long, short, long, short etc. Anyway back to the outfit. I love wearing skirts and dresses and when I saw this skirt on sale I had to grab it! I don't yet have a fun shirt to wear with this skirt but pinned some ideas on pinterest for future shopping trips. I had this white cardigan in my closet and went for it. I love the gold zipper detail on it. Here are my black boots again, sick of them? I am not.

Clothing Details:
Nursing Tank: Glamour mama
Cardi: Old Navy (last year) 
Tights: idea where they are from.
Skirt: Target, on sale!
Boots: Same old awesome black ones


Ashley said...

I like that skirt! I do the same thing with my hair - long, short, long, short. My husband never used to like my hair short but now he prefers it that way.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Girl. I am with you on the same boots every time procedure. It's winter! We need to wear boots!

Love the color on that skirt.

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