Friday, January 4, 2013

New Fabric/New Find Friday #119

I got this batch of fabrics from my favorite quilt store. These black and whites might not be much to write home about but sometimes you just have to have some classic black and whites in your stash.
The top fabric with the black and grey background and white swirl is so elegant and classic. I can see a breastfeeding cover or apron made out of that. The black and white dot middle fabric is a classic oldie but goodie black and white dot. It is great to use as a coordinate to other fabrics or even by itself. Not sure what I will do with this fabric yet but I just had to bring some home with me. The bottom black and white dot is a modern take on the one above. The spacing of the dots is great and even the fact that they are not perfectly round, but a bit oblong takes it to the next level. This would be a great apron or quilt coordinate with another fabric.
The black and whites are so crisp in color! A new trend in black and white is fabric with words on it, I have yet to buy any of it but I love the way it looks. I think that would be the perfect addition to my black and white scrap pile.

I hope you have a great weekend and that all of you stay well.

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Michelle said...

Those fabrics are SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

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