Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Grandparents Hankies

Here is the followup to the Handkerchief post from a few weeks ago. I had two different orders for grandparents handkerchiefs. This first order was for two Handkerchiefs for a grandma. She wanted one in red and one in blue. I like how they turned out. the font is so pretty and feminine. Simple and personalized and special at the same time.
This same client wanted to order four more Handkerchiefs, this time for the men in the family. She requested to move the placement, size and font and I love how they turned out. Again such a simple font and the size is perfect, not too small that you can't read and see the words but not too big that you can not fold them again.
She picked red and blue again and I just love that one of the grandpa's is called Poppy. How fun is that and I can only imagine what a character a guy called Poppy is.
Did you notice that I like to make up stories and wonder about all of the clients and projects I work on?! I just think so much about the people I do work for and am creating so many personal items so it is hard for me to not think about the people who will own these items.

I think this is the last in the set of Handkerchiefs that I worked on. I would love to personalize more in the new year. We will see.

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