Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little Louis Bib

This is still one of my favorite items for a new baby. A personalized item that can be worn from as an infant and until toddlerhood. I think I could probably still get this around my two year old's neck but I am not sure he would like me doing it. ;)

This bib was made for a friend to give her friend (whom I also know) and I was so excited to hear she had her baby boy and that his name was Louis! Love traditional names and this is for sure a traditional name. I have only known one other Louis and he actually went by Louis not Lou or Louie. I wonder what they are calling this Louis. I love that traditional names are making a come back but no matter what the name, these bibs are cute.

I used this fabric for one of her onesies and she wanted me to use some more of it for this bib (I might only have enough for one letter left). I love how it looks like a corduroy but it is soft not so ridged like a corduroy. The name is done with brown thread across the letter.

I hope to be working on a few bibs this week!

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