Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick Takes #5

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

1.  Maybe it is the fact that we have been sick for a month , or that I stay at home now, or maybe the fact that it is winter and cold outside but I need some grown-up time with my husband. I need some date nights and time without a child crying or pulling on me. I want someone else to cook me dinner and have an adult conversation. We are finally breaking down and getting some babysitters lined up. We have had so many family members who have watched the kids but we feel so badly asking them because they won't let us pay. After taking a "what do I pay the babysitter" poll on Facebook I made the call and have someone coming tomorrow!! Yippee. She is just coming for a bit during the day but I am so excited.

2. I was so excited about this reality that I only slept 5 hours the night before last. Yes there were at least two to three feedings in the middle of that five hours so it was not a straight stretch. That made the excited insomnia worse. I just kept thinking of all of the things I could get done if I could have someone come for two hours after school once a week! Not only that, date nights are going to happen again. It has been too long guys.

3. Speaking of babysitters, what do they call you? Mr. and Mrs. Designer Jules? Julia? I said I was "first and last name" on my phone message and she said my first name when calling back to leave a message. I miss the days of Mr. and Mrs. and I guess I could just ask her to call me that but does that make me the only adult that wants someone to call them Mrs? I think so. My kids will for sure be calling everyone we know Mr. and Mrs. Last Name. It is a sign of respect and I just like it that way.

4. I only get about 45min during the daylight hours with no one awake to do things so I have decided to get up at 7am when the baby does for the last "night" feeding instead of going back to sleep for an hour. You would think that hour would make me feel more rested but it actually makes it harder to pull myself and everyone out of bed at 8 to get the day going. I am also going to stay up for a few hours after the two kiddos go to bed. Even just an hour or two at night would allow me to get more things finished. I am so not a morning person and would prefer to stay up all night so this getting up in the morning thing will be hard. I totally climbed back in bed today.

5. In the vein of new years resolutions I am finally taking Cathy, and another friend's advice and signing up for I NEED a budget and this is the only way it is going to happen. I have tried for years on a spreadsheet and even asked the husband for help but to no avail. So here I go into the www to get some money saving tips. I can't wait to show my hubby how little I have been spending.

6. Who loves to cook? Not I. I mean I don't hate to cook but I get little enjoyment out of it like I do sewing. I am getting better and my husband is pleased and calls me Betty Crocker...umm because I have a meat, veggie, and starch out every meal? I think not. Baby Bee LOVES to watch me make eggs and anything in the skillet. Maybe I will teach him to love cooking so one day he can cook for us. Speaking of that another thing on my new year agenda is to get a meal plan done. I am still in the "finding recipes I like to cook" phase but I think I am actually one step closer and might even get this done this year too.

7. Ladies, help me! Check out this pic below. Love my photo skills? So two things, 1) I already altered the skirt below but do you think it is too bell shaped and needs to be taken in even more on the sides? 2) Orange tights, yes or no? I have had these for a few years and have worn them with a brown dress and the brown boots and my husband freaked. So now I try them with this outfit. Are they just too loud and should go or too fun and should stay?

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Cathy said...

So glad you're finally going to check out! I love it so much that I created a second account for "Fiscally Chic." Since I have a separate bank accounts, it's really easy to keep track of things.

As for colored tights, I'm a huge fan of them! I have two pairs: one purple and one fuchsia/berry. I think the trick is to wear them as a pop of color, sort of like wearing a colorful scarf with an outfit. For example, I've worn the berry ones with a neutral top or sweater, black pencil skirt, and black heels.

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