Friday, January 11, 2013

New Fabric/New Find Friday #120

Time for some pretty fabrics again! This time the color story is aqua, with a bit of purple and blue thrown in there. I think these fabrics have been sitting around for a while and I have even used one of them in a few Etsy sales.

Let's start at the left, I picked up this scattered dot fabric thinking it would be perfect for a breastfeeding cover, I have it sitting ready to be cut and sewn. I hope to work on those later this month. I love how chaotic it is and that mix of purple, puce green and grey is great. The next two over are different sized aqua plaids. I have paired these up with some leggings and they would make great applique letters and even ties on onesies! I might have to cut some out and sew them on because that just sounds too cute. The fourth fabric over is an aqua and green polka-dot. I love the unexpected combo of the two colors, sometimes I look at it and hate it and other times I like how subtle it is. Last but not least is the blue fabric. I do not even know how to describe this pattern, dots on the run? The dots are perfect and then they get stretched and look like they run together, making it look like they are in motion. Like I said I have already used this fabric as an applique on an onesie with some leggings. It looked so cute.
Here is a closer picture of the patterns and colors. The plaids in the middle look so dull and ordinary compared to the other fabrics.

Until next time....I hope you find some pretty fabric out there to take home and make yours.

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