Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Putting Your Mark On It

I have always loved monograms and other ways to personalize items. I remember having a whole box of Lillian Vernon personalized pencils when I was younger and I loved them. I also loved having my name on everything, backpacks, mugs, headbands, and even sweatshirts. I think this trend is never going to go out of style because who doesn't love to see their name in lights.

I had an order for a set of burp cloths with initials embroidered near the bottom. I loved this idea and I love how they turned out. I did a much more simple single initial on burp cloths back here and I really like them with the fabric better than just the letter and plain burp cloth, it adds an extra punch. I really hope someone wants to have more fun with this and maybe go with a name, or even a fancy monogram. I finally have a software that allows me to create a monogram and not just three letters the same size (like above).

Does this mean I need to start testing this out on my own family and friends? I think it might...or maybe this is a good future giveaway item. humm..

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