Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Super Onesie!

I have sold about three or four of these Super onesies this past year! The first one I made was for my cousin who purchased one for a friend of hers, it was a baby shower present. I hope the friend loved it. I love how it turned out. I put this for sale on my Etsy store and have had two other sales for this item. It is so super cute for the little guy in your life, he can be a little Super baby. :)

I am so glad they make blue onesies so I don't have to worry about dying white ones or anything silly like that, and I would hate for this to be something that is limited to just boy and girl tee shirts that come blue. I printed the superman logo on fabric and then applied it to the onesie.

Here is the closeup. I zig-zag stitched around the logo but I have actually used a straight stitch and I actually like the clean line of the straight stitch better. Again the fraying around it is something that is supposed to happen and adds a bit of dimension to it. Maybe I should make one with a little detachable red cape! Cute

I hope to make a Super "girl" one that is the S with shades of pink. Maybe I should do a Wonder Woman onesie?! That would be great. I used to love wearing my Wonder Woman outfit when I was little, man do I wish there was a picture of me in that outfit...or maybe I am not glad, I think it was a set of underwear and tank top for bed. EEK. :)

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