Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real #2

round button chicken

Last PHFR was a lame post about my basement. I decided that since I don't take a ton of pictures I will try to do only one of these a month. That will give me time to actually take pictures to post on here instead of having post after post of the same silly things. Taking lots of pictures it just not in the cards right now, even though my 2 yr old says "cheese" every time I pull the camera out. :)

So December...

Pretty: A quick after Mass Christmas photo with the self timer. I am so glad that we are actually all in one picture together. Looking through it looks as though I am usually the one taking pictures so there are not a ton of me. It is amazing we all made it out of the house, and back in our nice pretty clothes, most of the time someone ruins theirs.

Happy: This is Squirrel before we started sleep training him. This is where he would be between 2-5pm everyday and most of the time he was doing this, sleeping. Look at that sweet face. It made mama so happy that he was sleeping and close by so I could finally have time to do things around the house. I wanted to take a picture, even if it isn't the best to remember the happy sleeping baby times. (Strange side note we are both wearing these outfits today.)

Funny: Bee is such a 2 year old and wants you to do what he wants when he wants it. Does the world revolve around him? Yes. He is so funny, wanting you to push the train around the track for him and him telling you where to go and what pieces to put where. He is just learning how to do all of this on his own but I can not wait for the "me do it" phase. I know it all comes and goes so quickly.

Real: Here is what we have been up against the past month. Can you see them? No?! Okay maybe just a mama can see those huge teeth threatening to come through my baby's gums and making his life a chewing, slobbery, crying mess. They still pretty much look like this but maybe now you would agree with me that they are coming in if you looked in his mouth.

What will January hold? Not sure but I hope that I can start getting the camera out more and taking more pictures of every day life and even a few of me with the family.

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Jessica said...

Yeah, I wore a dress soaked in pee from baby's accident during Christmas Eve mass this year... I feel ya.

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