Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby Baby

Well I am up. Not sure why because I should be sleeping but while I am I thought it would be fun to join Grace at Camp Patton and share by birth story. Mostly because I want to hear hers.

I am typing on this tiny iPod touch so I will add pics and links later. This is so off the beaten track for my blog but a new year and a new spin on the blog, plus I love to tell and hear birth stories. If this is not your thing stop reading now. I will have other posts coming up that you will like.

On to baby Bee as we call him. He will be two on Monday and his birth is still fresh. I will give you an abridge version. Thought I was in labor the night before he was due and thought my water broke. Labor stopped and we went to the dr the next am for a check up. No it wasn't my water that broke. I was peeing on myself. Yup. Fast forward three days and I got up and thought I heard a pop and that my water broke for real this time while on the toilette at 6am (it didn't but oh well) I got in the shower to be ready. Started with contractions. Hubby went off to work. Yes to work. While I was in labor. Still not over it. Anyway I cancelled my chiro apt with my sister in law and settled in to watch some Nate Berkus while sitting on my birthing ball. 20 min later I couldn't stand the pain and thought I might die. The contractions were coming close and I kept calling the hubs to tell him to hurry home. He was changing a lock and had to finish. By the time he got home I was contracting every 5min. Bad back labor was in full force. We hurried to the hospital walked in and up to l&d. 4 contractions from car to room. I was 8cm bleeding and ready to have baby out. I pushed squatting, on hands and knees and finally on my back. No drugs well a little shot bc I was tearing. Bee came into the world at 1:16pm.

It was so hard I told myself I would never do it again. Then I did 20mon later. Squirrel as we call him will be 4mon old today. His birth was so much better and thank goodness because I was freaking out about it. I went to bed with some mild Braxton hicks contractions that tried to keep me up but I did sleep. The next morn they still weren't too bad so I continued on my day. I went to my Sis in law for my chiro apt and told her to hurry bc I was in labor. Then bee and I went to work, I worked with my parents at the time. My mom was freaking out about me being there so after lunch and putting bee down for a nap there I drove home to rest. I saw started bleeding, freaked out a bit and called my hubs and told him I was driving to the hospital. Right. Contractions were still light and sporadic like they had been. I called my birth instructor from bee and she talked me down a bit. I sat in the dr/hospital parking lot wanting someone to check me but not wanting to be admitted. I told the dr office I was slowly walking up to l&d but I didn't. My husband arrived and we sat in the lobby went into the chapel to pray walked the halls ate dinner in the hospital and nothing changed the contractions so at 6pm we went home. Dad took bee to the store my parents went home and I laid down. Boom 1 hr later 10min apart painful contractions. My mom came back and we were off to the hospital again. Got there at 10:50pm baby was out at 1:16am. No drugs awesome nurse. Same awesome dr. I was joking between contractions until the end. Water broke when he checked me at 10cm I was an 8 when we got there. I pushed once on my side, that was an I can't stop pushing push, twice on hands and knees and twice squatting. He came out fast and I was happy to be squatting.

My husband sung my praises both times but the second labor was hard and painful but in a strange way empowering. I know I know lame. But I say it because it is true. God bless my dr and my husband, and I thank God for quick labors. Ok maybe these weren't abridged. ;)


Leah Darrow said...

Thanks for posting Julia! Loved reading about both labors/births, as I forgot some of the details from your 1st. Keep blogging ... its fun to read. :)

Amy B said...

Who is your Dr. and where did you deliver? (Email me if you don't want that on the internet!) ;)

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