Monday, January 28, 2013

"E"xciting Onesie

How was that for a post title?! Ha! I know, I try. I love seeing babies in the items that I have made for them, especially when I forget to take a picture before sending it out in the mail! Not only do I love to see a baby in the item but I love seeing happy babies, this baby seems to be happy, maybe just because her parents are making her smile.
This onesie was a giveaway prize and I am so glad that I could create something for their little baby E. This sweet girl was born in the summer time and because she had so many pink clothes her parents wanted something not so girly. They picked this fun red background dot fabric from the choices I gave them and I think it looks sweet on her.

Maybe I will just have to start using my children as baby models because sometimes outfits look better on a baby than laying flat on a table.

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