Friday, January 4, 2013

Quick Takes #3

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

1.Saying a little prayer today for Jen today at Conversion Diary as she was in the hospital with bilateral pulmonary embolisms. I hate being in the hospital and I hate not knowing what is going on with my body when I am sick so I pray for her health, her unborn baby and for her to have peace.

2. We got over the nasssty stomach flu and now I think we are getting colds! I would totally take a cold over the flu any day but really? come on winter kick it into full gear so we can get rid of these nasty germs. The baby was not sick last time and I hope he stays well this time, you never know if your kids have a sore throat until they can tell you. I hate to see them suffer.

3. I finally had the chance to have a cleaning lady come clean our house today!!! I know I know that sounds extravagant but I won a discounted cleaning from her and we had illnesses and house floods every time I tried to book her to come. It feels great to have a New Years cleaning and just in time for Bee's birthday party. I would pass her name along to you but she said she is trying to stop cleaning and start doing more doula birth things. I don't blame her, cleaning a lot of houses sounds like a lot of hard work. My kitchen never looked better!

4. We are sleep training our little squirrel after reading this book recommended by a friend. I never really had to let Bee cry it out too much, or at least until he was 6+ months old. Well this cutie is a crier when holding him and not holding him so crying is happening either way. I realized that he was over tired and not sleeping well while I was holding him and that is why he was so fussy and crying. He wanted to be held and nursed all.night.long. I wish I could sleep and nurse all night long but I can't. So it was time to do something so that I can be a nice mommy and not a mean mommy to both little ones. After skimming the book and taking the approach that I was most comfortable with we now have an okay sleeper. He does MUCH better at night and naps are better but still not what I would like. At least I can get some sleep at night right? It will all change soon and I know one day I will be so sad to see him not want me to hold him all of the time.

Would love to post a picture here....but blogger won't let me. humf

5. Why did I feel like I had much more to tell you guys a few days ago and now I can't think of anything? Could it be that I am starting to feel worn out and need a nap? NNOO

6. In my mode of trying to make my family healthier we asked for a toaster oven for Christmas. My brother in law picked our name and gifted us with what we asked for!! I am so excited to try it out. I am not sure how it is going to go, will I actually use it and not the microwave for quick meal heat ups? I sure hope to try because I hate having my two little ones in our kitchen while I heat food but it happens at least twice a day and there is no metal plate for them to hide behind.

7. Speaking of family....did you know I am an only child? I am and I don't mind it anymore, I used to always want a sibling, but being married into a family of 8 I got them! Two of my hubby's siblings are in town over Christmas and we only got to see them twice while they were here because of every one's illnesses. What a bummer because it is always so much fun to go to the puppet show, train show at the garden, out to eat, and my favorite girls day shopping with them. Maybe next year will bring us less illness and more time with them. I even missed hanging out with my parents over the Christmas break they took from work. I guess when you are used to being with them everyday while working with them you tend to miss them once in a while. ;)

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