Friday, January 18, 2013

New Fabric/New Find Friday #121

Pink and brown it is today! I picked up these fabrics for all of those traditional ladies out there and I think I might have already posted about making a nursing cover in the fabric on the far left. Oops I guess I should have posted these fabrics first. I have way too many fabrics so it might take me a while to post them. :)

The tights damask on the far left almost becomes like a solid from far away but with its brown and light pink colors it is pretty up close. Again who doesn't love a polka dot...or is that just me? This pink with brown dot fabric says all things girl to me. It reminds me of those shirts and dresses from back in the 80's. Finally the pink and white damask on the far right is just the perfect scale for me. I love the hot pink on white pattern, bold with out being way over the top. Do I say that a lot? I just love me some crazy fabric and I know that there are others that do not so I want to be sure I have something for everyone.
Well one of these fabrics has been put to good use, one is cut and ready to sew and the third...on the cutting table. Watch me work.

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