Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick Takes #6

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

I wish I had been on the ball last week but sometimes it just doesn't we go this week.

1. Two weekends ago I had a HUGE errand running day. Remember I told you we were working on getting babysitters? Well I started to learn more about one of them by having her go with me to do all that I needed to do one Saturday. The best thing about this was that I could leave the kids in the car with her when needing to just run into a store for a return and then run back out without having to take everyone out of their car seats. She did help me in the few stores we did go into and it was nice to have another set of hands. I really got to learn about who she is and what she likes to do while we drove around and the kids got to know her without feeling like I had just left know how they feel sometimes at that young age. I got so much done that I wish I could do that every week, well really I hope I can start leaving them with her or another babysitter at home while I go out and run a bunch of these errands.

2. We are a total Heins 57 family, English, French, German, Irish, and probably more that I do not know about, but we are mostly German. I am sure this is not true and is probably a grossly exaggerated stereotype but we say all of the time that our son is so German. When doing certain activities there is only one way to do them, you sit here, he plays here, we move the cars like this, then you run over there and he follows etc. Now maybe this is just something in our overall nature as human beings that we like routine and that even at that young age of 2 he is forming habits but IT CRACKS US UP! Really we think it is just the funniest thing ever. During bath time because daddy sat on the toilet onetime after washing him to let him play for a bit, now daddy has to do that EVERY BATH. Bee points to the toilet and grunts to say "ok now it is time for you to sit there while I play." haha What is even funnier is that he got that from both of us, we are such creatures of habit and like things the same way!

3. Speaking of habits a priest suggested that I read this book called "Making Habits, Breaking Habits: Why We Do Things, Why We Don't, and How to Make Any Change Stick" by Jeremy Dean. That suggestion might or might not have been given while in the confessional. Anyway, I bought the book and am only on page 9 or so but I really like it so far and am very excited about what he has to say. I will update you after I read it.
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4. After nap time while I am getting dinner ready I like to turn on the radio. Right now our default station is Christian music and normally no one really pays attention to it. There are a few songs that I really like and because they don't play them often anymore I sometime look them up on YouTube. When listening to them I usually dance....and so does Bee, mostly because I make him. :) Well now if the computer is upstairs on the table he asks for the music to dance. It is so cute to see him dance. First he would just bend his knees and bob up and down, now he stomps his foot. CUTE!

4. I told myself that I would stop shopping and I have a confession, I bought some boots, two pairs. I really wanted some new ones and I thought they would be perfect but when I got them in the mail they are just not my style/ not comfortable. I can not return them, yes I know that was stupid of me to buy them online, and now I need to find someone to buy them locally. I put adds on Craigslist and if that doesn't work I will try my local resale shops. If you are interested they are here and here.

5. A high school classmate of mine was tragically murdered last week. It is so shocking to hear of such a wonderful life taken so quickly and so brutally by someone that she once loved. We were not in the same group of friends in high school but I remember her and her wonderful smile really well.  I hope to attend some of the services this weekend and will be praying for her and her family.

6. We are better but when will the sickness end, every time I open Facebook or talk to a friend they tell me that they had the stomach flu and were throwing up or that they have a cold! I am glad that it is finally cold out and I hope that the ground and everything freezes so that these nasty bugs can die! It makes me not want to go out and if I do go out I am crazy about touching things, it is making me a crazy ocd hand washer! Wait..this just in...I might have pink eye. Boo

7. I was going to post this last week but didn't get to it so, Happy Belated Birthday to my husband! I love this picture of the two of them and am so proud to be married/mother to these great guys. :)

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Amy B said...

Jenny was in my class at Holy Infant, and we were in Girl Scouts together. I hadn't seen her since we graduated (that I recall), but she was always a sweet girl when I knew her. Having gone through something similar with Jim's family, my heart really goes out to Jenny's dad. So, so horrible. Planning to be a the wake tonight, perhaps I will run into you.

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