Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quick Takes #7

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

1. I can wear my favorite skirts again!! I never thought that I would fit back into some of my normal clothes, let alone the clothes that I wore before baby bee was born. I tried on some of my clothes while moving things around in my closet and the skirts that I could barely get on before I can now not only put on but zip up!! Whooo hooo I think the weight loss is due to the fact that I am in constant motion all day when before I was mostly sitting at a desk. I also don't eat fast food and at work I had a paid fast food lunch every day. Now to reverse the effects of eating lunch out every day for 9 years and start lifting weights to help strengthen my abs and back (those are still so weak from having two babies).

2. Speaking of eating I have been wanting to do meal planning for years! I know everyone that does it says that it is easy but I for some reason can not wrap my head around it so I decided to get a jump on it I was going to sign up for a meal planning site on-line and go from there. After looking around a bit I decided to go with Plan to Eat, a family run site that lets you put you own recipes into the site and plan the meals from there. They have a 30 day trial that I am using right now and I am still getting all of the recipes in that I normally use and gathering new ones that I want to try. I am really excited about setting up my month calendar and being able to plan ahead for what I need for the week with out having to go to the store (or send my husband) several times a week. I like that they create a shopping list for you and you can get it on your smart phone...okay yes I can make a list myself but they take that step out for me.

3.  Speaking of lists...I love lists. I love making lists, I love crossing things off my list. Mostly they are just handy these days when I am so sleep deprived that I can not remember anything!! I have a huge list that gets added to and crossed off daily. I come and make notes for these quick takes during the week because I think of great things and then when I sit down to write I can never remember. This way I have a topic set up and I just go when I have time to write.

4. Remember the boot debacle of a few weeks ago? Well I still have not gotten rid of those boots yet but found about 4 pairs that serve the purpose! I needed some flat boots that I can wear every day and some dressy boots that were not 5 years old. Got them! I am sure you will see them featured in my Sunday posts so stay tuned.

5. balloons = instant entertainment. My five month old LOVE this balloon that was his older brothers. He loves how shiny it is and it floats away when he hits it and makes great noise when it is touched or moved. It is the perfect entertainment for when mom is trying to get a blog post or two written a day late!

6. Speaking of that cute baby...he is finally able to sit on my hip! I love when they can finally hang out on your hip instead of flying off your shoulder when they want to see something. He loves it, I love it, it's a win win. My next thing to try is to see if he would like being on my back in a carrier. That might make some parts of the day more productive.

7. The van fits in the garage!! Strange I know but we have been working up to this since September and we can now get into the car without having to go out into the cold/snow/rain! LOVE IT.


Amy B said...

I did a post about how I do meal planning a little over a year ago - maybe you already saw it?

Just sharing in case something from my post helps you out. I am SUPER lazy and I have been using this system for over a year now. Do I do it 100% of the time? Nope! But probably 85% of the time and it works! Of course, you have to find what works for you, but once you do I think you won't go back because it really does make your life so much easier. Good luck!!!

Stacy said...

So glad I found you through Fine Linen and Purple! :)

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