Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One More Set...

 I thought that I was finished showing you embroidered handkerchiefs but I was wrong. I found these in my picture file and realized this was the one set that I forgot to add to this post. Opps! Sorry to bore you again with pictures of white cloth and colored letters but I just want to be fair to all of my little projects. They all deserve a spot on the blog,  plus sometimes I actually use my own blog to remember the projects I have done and reference them to clients.
This is still from back in the standard font days when I only had two fonts to choose from and only certain sizes and no spacing options. Now that I have new software for my machine I am excited to have a lot more options for monograms, fonts, and sizes. I need to make another sample block of embroidery fonts. Anything you want to see?

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