Monday, February 4, 2013

Love Is In the Air

Hallmark says that February is the month of love and I think, hey why not have at least one time of the year to tell those that we love that we are thinking of them. One of my most popular items in my Etsy shop are my "I Love Grandma" onesies. You have seen these here on the blog before but this is a new set that I did with a different fabric than the original set.
She wanted an initial onesie and a grandma onesie. I love that the two brown and blue fabrics that we choose coordinate but are not the same. The ever popular initial oneise on the left and the new version of the grandma onesie on the right.

These have also turned into custom "I love ____" onesies. Here are are few different options people have asked for...
The client asked for I love Honey and then gave me the option of picking the fabric and ink and I went with this neutral fabric that almost looks like a bee hive and the letters in a gold metallic ink. LOVE IT.
Then there was a request for I love Mookie and we went with a neon green and black fabric with neon green ink. These are great for an aunt to give to her new niece or nephew to make sure that everyone knows that the baby loves them. :)

I have also done a set that was an I love Grandpa and I love Grandma. I forgot to take pictures of those but they were cute. People use to tell loved ones that they are expecting a baby and I think that is so sweet!

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