Friday, February 1, 2013

New Fabric/New Find Friday #123

As a follow up to last weeks Friday post I have this batch of fabric. I think these must have been purchased at the same time because I took a picture of the same fabric I talked about last week (far right) with these fabrics!! What my totally organized picture taking skills are failing me? Yup
Nevermind, I love the other two fabrics so much so let's just talk about those okay? The Easter fabric I probably got on sale right after Easter last year and it has taken me almost a year to post this (Lent and Easter are quickly approaching). I have another Easter fabric with bunnies on it but I thought this sweet chic and egg pattern was just a bit more modern and fun than my old fabric. I am excited to use this in the next few months as the holiday rolls around. The middle fabric is a yellow flannel with a small white polka dot. It is going to be put with several different fabrics to be made into lovie/taggie blankets. They are all paired up, now just to cut and sew and sell. I guess I was going with a yellow theme here and that is why I stuck that white and yellow on black flower fabric with these two. We already talked about it last week, so  nothing else to say here.

Now back to the sewing machine! Have a great weekend.

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