Sunday, February 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday #7

What I Wore Sunday linkup
I missed you guys last week! It started snowing last night and it was a surprise to me as I don't really follow the weather. Well it sort of threw my intended outfit out the window so this is what I threw together at the last minute, but it is very close to what I was going to wear.

Haha can you tell that my husband is taller than I am? Every picture is from this angle way that looks like we are looking down on me. Maybe I should ask him to crouch down when taking the picture. Oh and did I tell you he literally takes one good picture? He takes about ten but they are usually of me walking or turning around and are super blurry. Do you see the blur in the lower left corner? That is bee as he runs past the frame...sigh not even one picture without a blur.

Onto the clothing, I decided I was going to wear cute pants from Loft that I own and had them on until I realized that they would be dragging in the nasty slush and I didn't want them to get wet. So I changed into these pants, you can't tell but they are a black and white plaid with a bit of red in them. The top is a simple black v-neck shirt that is very comfortable and then finally my sweater that is so cute and works when you have a big belly, which I do not at the moment. There was a cute toggle button on it that popped off right before we left...hence the sweater is falling differently than normal. I did have on some boots, duck rain boots that are not cute and do not go with this outfit so I did not show those to you. If there was no snow I probably would have worn the same old black boots that I normally wear.
Clothing Details
Shirt: Target 
Sweater: Target
Pants: No idea from no clue how long ago


Jessa @ Shalom Sweet Home said...

I'm cracking up because I also commented just this week on how I look about 5 years old in every photo my husband takes of me. (He's 6'3".) You look very cute and cozy! :)

Erika said...

Very classy! And your husband's picture-taking sounds like my husband's (although he is getting better haha) :)

Rosie said...

My husband can't seem to focus the camera either - I made him take of his glasses to see if that helped, but it was even worse... Think we can send them to a photography class together?

Designer Jules said...

Glad I am not alone! I should just be happy that he takes the picture each week without making fun me or saying no. I try not to tell him what to do or I might not have anyone to take my picture and you would get mirror pictures, which might be worse because my mirrors are dirty!

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