Friday, February 15, 2013

New Fabric/New Find Friday #125

There is something about a flannel that reminds me of childhood. Maybe it is that I had several flannel pajamas growing up that kept me warm in the cold winter. Not only did I have flannel pajamas but flannel sheets! Now that I have a husband to keep half of the bed warm, flannel sheets are not necessary, but sometimes flannel pants to bed are a must when it is really cold out.
The first fabric has sweet little chicks on it marching and standing on a blue background. So sweet for a little boy, or girl who likes blue. I like that this is a boyish pattern without having a truck or train. I know my boys love those but sometimes when they are really little I just want to see some cute animals and no trucks. The alphabet fabric is just my style...bold color on a white background. I love how the primary colored letters are set off by the white background. This reminds me of a wall hanging that I had as a child. It was the alphabet made out of gingham fabric in primary colors sewn to a yellow gingham background.
I think these would make the sweetest taggie blankets or a soft addition to the top of a burp cloth.

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