Friday, February 8, 2013

New Fabric/New Find Friday #124

To finish the Valentine's Day themed week I have this set of holiday themed fabric for you. A few weeks ago I realized I was running out of my brown fabric with pink hearts on it that I often use for my Holiday burp cloth/onesies. I was trying to get a fabric before I might need in this coming week but I wanted to wait until the Valentine's Day fabric was on sale after the holiday. Then I realized that I have this huge box of fabric from my Mother-in-law in the back of the basement that I forgot about. Here are a few of the fabrics that I pulled out of the box.

The star fabric is perfect! It is a bit larger than the star fabric that I have now but that is fine. The flag fabric is not my favorite for the holiday but I bet it will look great when cut into a star shape and applied to a bib. The Halloween fabric is perfect, pumpkins on the fabric without being over the top. A lot of the time the pumpkin fabric has HUGE pumpkins on it and looks strange when cut into a pumpkin shape. Finally, last but not least is the Valentine's Day fabric. Not only is it pink and has hearts of different colors and sizes but it has some embroidered hearts. I love the texture that the sewn hearts gives the fabric.
It felt so good to find this in the basement since I really do not want to spend anymore money on fabric for another few months at least...maybe all year. Let's see how long I can go without buying something new. I think I can do it! If I am ever in need I can just call my MIL she has at least 10 big Rubbermaid bins full of fabrics.

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