Wednesday, February 27, 2013

High Five

 Keeping with the Birthday shirt theme this week I thought this shirt would be perfect for today's post. This shirt was made for a little girl who turned 5, as you can tell. I made this shirt for another little girl with her name in the number, but this time instead of the name in a rainbow of colors on pink I did the name in white on a blue background. I printed the name image on fabric and then cut the number 5 out of the fabric. This time I also straight stitched the number instead of zig zag so that the stitching would not be the visual focus.
I also like the idea of taking this fabric with the name Caroline printed on it and then cutting a C out of it to make a custom initial shirt. There are so many color options and I love the idea of personalized fabric on a shirt. How cool to have fabric with your name on it?! Or maybe only kids think so.

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