Wednesday, February 6, 2013

St. Valentine's Day Craft Fail and Ideas

You already saw my post Monday about the "I love __" onesies and today I have more ideas and links for you. If I had no idea what month it was up all I had to do was look at the blogs in my reader, they are going Valentine's Day crazy. Let's call it St. Valentine's Day, that brings it back to a less commercial holiday right? ok maybe not.
Here is a shirt that I made in the fall and it was an epic fail. It does fit into the Valentine's day theme so let's talk about it! I wanted to try out the Yudu fabric glue with the flocking to see if I could create a flocked tee-shirt. I applied the glue like I was told to and then applied the flocking material. It looked great until I pulled the cover off. As you can see not only did a bit of the glue run under the design but the flocking went all over and stuck to the black shirt. Fine flocking dust everywhere.
I tried to wash it to see if that would help make the dust go away on the shirt...well the dust went away on the shirt and it also went away on the image. Now there are blank patches of glue where it should be pink.

So next time I might try using a sheet of flocking, or maybe I wasn't fast enough with putting the flocking on and some of the glue dried? I might just use iron on flocked vinyl and call it quits with the glue and flocking material. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. This time I think I lost. Now I hope I have a girl so I can gift this shirt to them...or maybe I will apply a fabric applique over this and give it to my boys to wear.

I wanted to also remind you of some items in my shop that would be great Valentine's day presents. Let me know if you would like to place an order for something, or be sure to check out my Etsy page for more info.

Do you need to show Grandma that your kids love her? Try these onesies. I can make this say I (heart) mom, dad, grandpa, fill in the blank.

How about a shirt, onesie, bloomers, or a bib with a heart on it? I could do something like this and use rhinestones, embroider, or even screen print a name or initial. SO many options and all custom.

We all saw what happened with the flocking but I can cut this love image out of fabric, screen print it, or even use tee-shirt vinyl and apply it to a shirt for you. It have yet to do it but I could cut out the word LOVE in fabric and apply that to a shirt or onesie. Custom options are endless.

Need to make some Valentine's for your kid's class at school? What about some hearts that can be made into a Valentine's day card or sewn or glued together to make bunting. These hearts are cut from new and vintage wallpaper. I have a TON of wallpaper so we can talk about what color/patterns you want these cut from.
These are just some ideas of what I can do to help make this day special for that little special someone in your life.

I hope you liked this St. Valentine's day inspired post, I am going to show you holiday ideas from my shop every holiday this year, so stay tuned for St. Patrick's Day. If you hate these "commercially driven holidays," bare with me, it will only be about 7-14 posts this whole year.

Stay tuned...tomorrow there will be a giveaway!!

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Anonymous said...

I recently acquired my Grandmother's sewing machine after her passing and would love to get into making things like this for my little girl. You have some cute ideas here!

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