Monday, February 25, 2013

What I Wore #10

What I Wore Sunday linkup
Well better late than never! I don't think I have worn this skirt while posting during WIWS yet but I have worn this brown sweater with pants before. This outfit used to be my go to outfit when I went back to work after baby bee. It was great for breastfeeding, fit, and made me feel good! That is all that matters when you are still carrying around 10+ extra baby pounds. Now it is just a great go to Church outfit.
The skirt is a small wale corduroy and I know that it is white but it is more of a winter white than a bright white so I feel like I can get away with it in the winter time. I of course paired it with a nursing tank and the sweater that you have seen before.
Don't you love this shot my hubby took?  I was walking to where we were going to take the picture and then he just started snapping. I kind of like it, check out the bottom of the skirt, I love that big pleat in the back. The boots are new and I have two pairs, a black and brown pair. They are flats and look like riding boots, I tried to get a picture of the detail on the side. There is a buckle and a fake metal part at the heal. They are so comfortable that I could wear them every day! Score. Just what I was looking for.
Clothing Details:
Shirt: NY and Co, about four or five years ago.
Tank: Glamourmama
Skirt: Christa Taylor (modest website no longer around)
Boots: Target, on sale a few weeks ago.

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Mary said...

LOVE the cut of your top, so flattering. The BOOTS!! Greta color and style. you look great!

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