Thursday, December 13, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real} #1

round button chicken

I think it is going to take me a few weeks to get used to this and come up with some great pictures for this edition. I don't have my camera out that much but really should...and capture all of the fun, happy, real moments of our lives. So here goes nothing....PHFR try number one.

This is the basement

Pretty: Here is a quick picture of the basement before all of the muddy flood of 2012 happened. It was great, we only got to enjoy it for almost exactly 6 months.

Happy: This is how the floor looked after the tiles were pulled up....mud over the entire floor. We were afraid we would have a hard time cleaning it up but check it out, I cleaned it with a mop, who knew. You see how clean that top side of the floor looks!? Makes the muddy side look nasty and that it was. We were so happy we didn't have to hire someone to clean it and that it only took me three days to clean it up.

Funny: Ok so this isn't as much funny haha as it is funny I want to cry funny. Like I said almost exactly six months after we finished the basement this happened...our muddy flood. I wish it was a video so you can see that muddy water at the bottom right of the picture FLOWING across our new basement floor. ICK Touching everything, everything muddy. :(

Real: And here is a real picture of how my sewing area looks today. Real. Messy. Productive. LOVE IT! The floor came clean, the tiles came clean, the rugs came clean we moved stuff back and are in the process of organizing. I am back in action in my sewing area and you can't tell but I have 10 orders in process all over my sewing table. I also have a stack of fabric ready to be made into taggie blankets. Look out sewing machine and Etsy here I come. BTW the rest of the basement is still in as much of a messy transition as this area, still need to get some shelves a good cleaning and put toys away etc., but man are we happy and loving the real mess because it is in the basement where it is meant to be. Where we can shut the door and go up to a clean upstairs.

Ok well that actually was a lot of fun. I am sure in the future I will have more pictures of my personal life on here. That might break up the million posts I have with breastfeeding covers.

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