Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bee's New Room

So now that baby bee is finally in his new room and his little brother, squirrel, is in bee's old room it is time for the room reveal.

Let's go back...back to when I bought the house. Here are some pictures of the room back then, white walls, drapery, and wood floors. Perfect for Grandma to come and stay.

Here is a picture of the room during demo. We knocked out part of the wall to open up the closet. The closet went back behind the wall and was hard to get things out of that back corner so we opened the doorway up and put a sliding mirrored doors there instead.
Here is a great picture of after...back then. This was designed and lived in by my roommate at the time. When she left it stayed this same color and I just put a rug down on the floor to help with warmth.
I wasn't planning on changing it until kids moved in that room and we picked a new color to put on the walls. How could I guess that I was going to have two boys! I totally wanted to paint the room purple. ;)
Well I guess the closest thing to purple for a boy is grey, and that is another color that we do not have in the house already so we painted the room grey. Here you see the new blinds we put up to go with the rest of the house. If you look on the floor you see the rug that went with the old decor.
I know it is hard to tell but see those paint samples on the wall? Those are the color that we ended up going with. The walls in these pictures are just primed with a grey tinted primer. Of course since the new rug didn't go with the wall color we went with a different rug, one that would go with the fabrics that were in bee's baby room that I am carrying over into his big boy room.

 Here is the room finished, mostly. Grey walls, grey and brightly colored rug, bunk beds (soon to come where the bed and mattresses are in the bottom pictures), a crib, a reading bench with cushion (soon to come) in front of the window. Don't mind the stickers on that dresser (thanks daddy) that dresser will one day be painted white and have new hardware put on them. That used to live in our bedroom and now that it is a kids bedroom our room feels more grownup in our room. Daddy got a new armoire for his side of the room and he loves it. It houses all of his clothes which frees the closet up for me! BONUS.
 Another view of the room, I am sorry these are bad angles, the room is TINY. Below is a bad picture of the sliding closet doors. On one of the doors I put a vinyl growth chart so I can track how tall they are getting. I haven't marked any yet but I hope to soon. I keep that door closed because someone likes to pick off the vinyl! EEKK

We have yet to hang pictures and drapery but that will all come in the coming months. Stay tuned for Wednesday when I talk about the bedding that I am making for the bunk beds.

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